Blessing Mbalaka

If it is not reading about the latest innovations in science and technology or playing chess, Blessing is on the ground volunteering at local NGOs.  Blessing is the holder of a masters degree in Development studies with a specialisation in Blockchain integration as an anti-corruption tool. He also holds an honours in development studies with a focus on the Interregnum of the dollar hegemony and the role of cryptocurrencies.  He also holds certificates in the fundamentals of project management and the initiation phase of project management. Blessing delved into a career in academia, making his seminal contributions under the University of Johannesburg's reputable Institute for Pan African thought and conversation.  Following his 2 years at the Institute for Pan African thought and conversation, Blessing has continued to publish independently, as well as amuse the role of founder of Power Place Africa, an energy unit supplier.  Furthermore, Blessing has a keen interest in solving global problems, and believes in conducting impactful research to help inform policy makers on best routes. To paint a picture on his array of research interests, Blessing has written and published on Artificial intelligence, Blockchain technology, Cybersecurity, Digital Governance, Digital Policy. In 2023, Blessing was privileged to have attained membership of the illustrious development studies Association. A philosophy which paints best describes Blessing is that of the ceaseless pursuit of knowledge and self-development, as such, he has equipped himself with a profusion of skills including Python Programming language for data-science, HTML, Graphic Design, Photoshop, and is currently learning Cloud computing on Oracle.

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