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Rachel Kabue: The Woman Behind Kenya’s Largest Cat Sanctuary


Rachel Kabue, a remarkable woman with a heart full of compassion, has created Kenya’s largest cat sanctuary in Mihango, a neighbourhood of Nairobi. With over 500 cats finding solace within its walls, this sanctuary stands as a testament to Kabue’s unwavering dedication to providing a safe haven for these beloved feline creatures.

Kabue’s journey towards this noble cause began during her time studying Yoga in India. It was there that she encountered the concept of ahensa, which translates to ‘non-cruelty.’ This powerful philosophy touched her to the core, as she realized the importance of extending compassion not only to fellow human beings but to all sentient beings, including cats.

Rachel Kabue: The Woman Behind Kenya's Largest Cat Sanctuary
Rachel Kabue: The Woman Behind Kenya’s Largest Cat Sanctuary.

Upon her return to Kenya, Kabue was struck by the inhumane treatment that cats were subjected to. It saddened her to witness the lack of understanding and empathy towards these beautiful creatures who were often deemed useful solely for catching rats. Determined to make a difference, she decided to take matters into her own hands and provide a sanctuary for cats in need.

Transforming her home in Mihango into a Feline Sanctuary was no easy task. Kabue started small, with just three cats finding refuge within her humble abode. But her dedication and love for these animals resonated with others, and soon enough, the sanctuary began to grow. Word of her mission spread throughout the community, and individuals from all walks of life rallied behind her cause.

What sets Kabue’s sanctuary apart is not only its size, but also the level of care provided to every single cat. Each feline resident is given a suitable living space, nutritious meals, and regular medical check-ups. Kabue ensures that they receive the love and attention they deserve, a stark contrast to the cruelty they faced before finding shelter at the sanctuary.

In addition to rescuing and sheltering cats, Kabue also educates the community about the importance of treating all animals with kindness and respect. She firmly believes that by spreading awareness and knowledge, attitudes towards cats can be transformed, leading to a society that embraces compassion for all creatures.

Kabue, an advocate for feline welfare, explained her decision to rescue cats rather than any other animal. She emphasized that cats primarily require food, shelter, safety, and medical attention when necessary. Despite facing initial scrutiny due to the common misconceptions surrounding cats, Kabue clarified that her intention was simply to provide a safe haven for these animals in need.

However, Kabue acknowledged that her passion for improving the lives of cats comes with financial challenges. Nonetheless, she expressed gratitude that all the rescued cats under her care never go hungry and receive immediate veterinary assistance whenever they fall ill. Unfortunately, many of the cats brought to the shelter are already sick or have underlying health issues.

Kabue emphasized that most surrendered cats seek help because they have specific problems or medical conditions. Consequently, providing these felines with necessary medical assistance is an integral part of their journey at the shelter.

Kabue is driven by a genuine desire to provide a fulfilling experience for both herself and the more than 500 cats under her care. For her, it’s not about making money, but about serving a greater purpose.

One of the remarkable aspects of cats that Kabue appreciates is their quiet demeanor. To an outsider, it would be hard to tell that there are so many cats within her home. Despite this, Kabue sees them as equals, with the only difference being their inability to attend school or hold jobs due to their lack of speech.

What’s truly remarkable is that Kabue knows each cat by name among the vast number she cares for. While keeping track of their records can be challenging at first, she quickly becomes familiar with each cat within just a couple of days, even without relying on identification tags.

We had the opportunity to speak with Mary, one of the administrators who shares Kabue’s love for cats. Mary finds fulfillment in caring for these fascinating creatures. According to her, they only become slightly disruptive when it comes to mealtime or if their environment isn’t clean.

Caring for these cats becomes more than just providing basic needs; it becomes a bonding experience. Each cat has its own unique personality, some cheeky and others calm or playful. Through spending time with them, Mary and others are able to form special connections with these incredibly intriguing animals.

Monitoring the growing population of cats can be a significant challenge, particularly when it comes to identifying and treating infections. According to an expert, flu presents a serious threat to cats as it impairs their sense of smell, making it difficult for them to eat.

This loss of appetite can lead to starvation and dehydration, ultimately affecting their kidneys and resulting in a fatal outcome if left untreated. It is crucial for cats with flu to receive prompt medical attention in order to prevent this devastating disease from taking hold.

The impact of Rachel Kabue’s efforts cannot be overstated. Her sanctuary serves not only as a physical refuge for hundreds of cats but also as a beacon of hope for animal lovers everywhere. Through her unwavering determination and boundless love, Kabue has single-handedly changed the lives of countless cats who would otherwise have suffered in silence.

It is through the selfless actions of individuals like Rachel Kabue that we can learn the true essence of compassion. Her dedication to providing a safe haven for Kenya’s vulnerable cats is an inspiration to us all. As we strive to be compassionate with each other, let us not forget the importance of extending that compassion to the animals that share our world. Rachel Kabue, the woman behind Kenya’s largest cat sanctuary, stands as a shining example of what one person can accomplish when fueled by love and empathy.

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