Top Best English Speaking Countries in Africa


English is widely spoken across the globe and serves as an essential means of communication in various sectors, including business, tourism, and education.

Africa, a continent known for its rich linguistic diversity, has several countries where English is commonly spoken. In this article, Who Owns Africa will explore the top best English-speaking countries in Africa, based on the EF English Proficiency Index 2022.

1. South Africa: Topping the list of best English-speaking countries in Africa is South Africa, ranking 12th globally. English is one of the official languages in the country, with a significant number of South Africans being proficient speakers. South Africa’s historical ties with the United Kingdom and its robust education system contribute to its high English proficiency levels.

2. Kenya: On the 20th position globally, Kenya stands out as one of the leading English-speaking countries in Africa. English has official language status alongside Swahili, making it widely spoken and taught in schools. Kenya’s focus on education, coupled with its vibrant tourism industry, has boosted English proficiency in the country.

3. Nigeria: With a global ranking of 28th, Nigeria is another African country renowned for its English-speaking capabilities. English serves as the country’s official language and is widely used in government, business, and education. Nigeria’s large population and its position as the economic powerhouse of Africa contribute to the widespread use and proficiency of the English language.

Top Best English Speaking Countries in Africa
Top Best English Speaking Countries in Africa

4. Ghana: Ghana, ranking 41st globally, is known for its excellent command of the English language. English is the official language of the country and plays a vital role in education, governance, and business. Ghana’s stable political environment and commitment to quality education have resulted in high English proficiency levels.

5. Uganda: While not included in the EF English Proficiency Index, Uganda deserves a mention for its significant English-speaking population. English is one of the official languages, alongside Swahili, and is widely used in formal settings and urban areas. Uganda’s focus on education and its growing tourism industry have contributed to the spread of English.

6. Tunisia: Tunisia is a North African country where English is commonly spoken, making it an attractive destination for tourists and businesses. English is widely taught in schools, and many Tunisians are proficient in the language. The country’s robust tourism industry and its aim to attract international investments have fueled the demand for English proficiency.

7. Tanzania: English serves as one of the official languages in Tanzania, alongside Swahili. Despite not being included in the EF English Proficiency Index, Tanzania has made significant strides in promoting English education and proficiency. Tanzania’s commitment to language policies and its growing economy make it an emerging English-speaking country in Africa.

Top Best English Speaking Countries in Africa
Top Best English Speaking Countries in Africa.

8. Ethiopia: Ethiopia is a country with a diverse linguistic landscape, but English has gained importance as a language of communication and business. English is widely taught in schools and serves as a means for Ethiopia to engage with the global community. The country’s efforts to improve infrastructure and boost economic growth have increased the demand for English proficiency.

9. Morocco: While Arabic is the official language of Morocco, English is widely used in tourist areas and business settings. Morocco’s growing tourism industry and its close ties with European countries have led to the increased importance of English proficiency. The education system in Morocco also emphasises English language learning, contributing to its popularity among the population.

10. Algeria: English is gaining popularity in Algeria, primarily due to its economic and business significance. With increased global interaction and trade, the demand for English proficiency has risen in Algeria. The government has recognized the importance of English in international relations and has implemented policies to promote its teaching and usage.

11. Egypt: Rounding off the top best English-speaking countries in Africa is Egypt. Despite Arabic being the official language, English is widely spoken and understood. English is taught in schools, and Egyptians’ exposure to English-language media and tourism has contributed to their proficiency. Egypt’s strategic location and historical significance make English an invaluable tool for international communication and trade.

In conclusion, Africa boasts several countries with impressive English-speaking capabilities. South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana top the list, followed by Uganda, Tunisia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt.

These countries have recognized the importance of English as a global language and have made efforts to promote its learning and usage. Whether for business, education, or international relations, proficiency in English opens up various opportunities for these African nations on both regional and international platforms.

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