Anglogold Ashanti shareholders set to depart South Africa


Anglogold Ashanti, one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, is set to depart from its long-standing presence in South Africa.

In a historic move, the company’s shareholders have voted in favor of switching its primary listing from Johannesburg to New York.

Anglogold Ashanti shareholders set to depart South Africa
Anglogold Ashanti shareholders set to depart South Africa.

This decision not only marks a significant shift in the company’s operations but also symbolizes a new era for the South African mining industry.

With over 98% of Anglogold Ashanti shareholders approving the switch, the required majority of at least 75% was easily exceeded. The virtual meeting held on Friday saw an overwhelming consensus among the shareholders, paving the way for the company’s exit from South Africa. Alongside the listing change, Anglogold Ashanti is also planning to relocate its headquarters from Johannesburg to London.

The decision to leave South Africa, a country that has been synonymous with the company for over a century, is not without its reasons. The geological challenges posed by some of the world’s deepest gold deposits have made mining in South Africa increasingly difficult and expensive.

As a result, Anglogold Ashanti has shifted its focus to more lucrative mines in countries such as Ghana, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as Australia and the Americas.

By moving its primary listing to New York, Anglogold Ashanti aims to access the world’s biggest pool of gold capital. The United States is home to a vibrant and dynamic gold market, making it an attractive destination for companies in the mining sector. With its rich history and vast reserves, Anglogold Ashanti is poised to capitalize on the opportunities provided by this move.

The shift in primary listing highlights the global nature of the mining industry and the need for companies to adapt to changing dynamics.

While South Africa may have been a hub for gold mining in the past, the current landscape necessitates a strategic repositioning. By diversifying its geographic footprint, Anglogold Ashanti is mitigating risks and ensuring its long-term sustainability.

Kosi Ezeonyeka
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