Tanzania’s Mohammed Dewji set to invest $100 million in Rwanda


Africa’s youngest billionaire, Mohammed Dewji, has made headlines once again with his plans to invest a staggering $100 million in Rwanda.

The Tanzanian businessman, through his company MeTL Group, aims to invest in four Rwandan companies with a focus on strategic sectors such as edible oil, soap manufacturing, milling of wheat and maize, carbonated beverages, plastic bottle recycling, and agriculture.

Africa's youngest billionaire Mohammed Dewji set to invest $100 billion in Rwanda
Africa’s youngest billionaire Mohammed Dewji set to invest $100 billion in Rwanda.

Dewji’s investment plans were discussed during a meeting held in Dar es Salaam on September 6. Present at the meeting were Ildephonse Musafiri, the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, and Nelly Mukazayire, Deputy Chief Executive of the Rwanda Development Board. The discussions revolved around enhancing collaboration and expediting MeTL Group’s investments in Rwanda.

Officials at the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources revealed that MeTL Group will be investing approximately $100 million in the aforementioned sectors. This significant investment is expected to boost Rwanda’s economy and create job opportunities for its citizens.

Expressing his gratitude for the support and facilities provided by Rwanda’s institutions, Dewji stated, “As a businessman, I’m grateful for the support and facility of Rwanda’s institutions.” This positive sentiment reflects Dewji’s confidence in Rwanda’s business environment and its potential to yield profitable returns on his investment.

MeTL Group, a family-owned conglomerate based in Tanzania, already operates in 11 African countries. With 38,000 employees, the company boasts an impressive track record in manufacturing various products, including wheat and maize flour, edible oil, and detergents. Dewji’s decision to invest in Rwanda is a testament to the country’s growing reputation as an attractive destination for foreign direct investment.

Africa's youngest billionaire Mohammed Dewji set to invest $100 billion in Rwanda
Africa’s youngest billionaire Mohammed Dewji set to invest $100 billion in Rwanda.

In preparation for these ventures, MeTL Group has already acquired land in Rwanda. This demonstrates a commitment to long-term investment and the potential for sustainable economic growth in the country. By investing in strategic sectors, Dewji aims to contribute to Rwanda’s overall development goals while also generating profitable returns for his company.

This significant investment from Africa’s youngest billionaire is expected to have a profound impact on Rwanda’s economy. The creation of new industries and job opportunities will enhance the country’s manufacturing capabilities and promote self-sufficiency in sectors such as edible oil and soap production. Furthermore, the investment will have a positive ripple effect on the entire value chain, benefiting local farmers and suppliers.

Dewji’s decision to invest in Rwanda sends a powerful signal to other investors. It showcases Rwanda’s commitment to creating a conducive business environment, fostering entrepreneurship, and attracting foreign direct investment. Furthermore, it highlights the immense potential that African countries hold in terms of economic growth and development.

Africa, often viewed as a continent with untapped potential, continues to attract the attention of international investors. Mohammed Dewji’s $100 billion investment in Rwanda serves as a prime example of the opportunities that exist within Africa. As economies across the continent continue to flourish, it is crucial for African governments to consistently prioritise policies that encourage investment and trade.

With this monumental investment, Mohammed Dewji is not only solidifying his reputation as Africa’s youngest billionaire but also contributing to the continent’s economic transformation. His commitment to Rwanda’s development goals and his belief in the country’s potential to yield profitable returns is commendable. As Rwanda continues to attract foreign investors, the nation’s economy is set to soar to new heights, ultimately benefiting its citizens and making a mark on the global stage.

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