Tarragon and Microsoft partner to elevate African businesses


Terragon, a leading data and marketing company in Africa, has partnered with Microsoft to elevate African businesses.

This partnership aims to provide business owners in Africa with powerful customer insights and enable digital transformation through the use of cloud technologies.

Tarragon and Microsoft partner to elevate African businesses
Tarragon and Microsoft partner to elevate African businesses.

As part of the agreement, Microsoft’s Africa Transformation Office will be supporting Terragon’s cloud capabilities. This collaboration will further enhance Terragon’s work in the marketing technology (MarTech) space, while also driving Microsoft’s ambition to facilitate digital transformation in the region.

Terragon’s mission is to build Africa’s largest and most unique data-powered marketing cloud ecosystem, with the goal of helping businesses on the continent better understand their customers. By leveraging data and technology, Terragon enables brands to reach, engage, and deliver more meaningful mobile experiences to consumers. With the use of cloud-based solutions, Terragon can provide its customers with in-depth analytics and insights into customer engagement, significantly contributing to the understanding of the African consumer.

The partnership with Microsoft is a significant milestone for Terragon, as it validates their mission to build Africa’s largest data-powered marketing cloud ecosystem. This collaboration will not only elevate Terragon’s position in the market but also bring immense benefits to businesses in Africa.

Terragon’s customer base includes both enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) spanning various industries such as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), financial services, and consulting services. The company supports brands in managing first-party data and enhances targeting and segmentation capabilities to deliver personalized engagements both online and offline.

Chimezie Okonkwo, Senior Vice President of Data, Infrastructure, and Platforms at Terragon, highlights the company’s transition into an enterprise solution provider in 2018. Since then, Terragon has had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of over 30 multinational enterprises and 8,000 SMBs. Their expertise has enabled these organizations to enhance their return on investment in marketing and elevate customer experience through the utilization of data-driven marketing strategies.

Okonkwo expresses enthusiasm regarding the Microsoft partnership, as it serves as a validation of Terragon’s mission to establish the largest data-powered marketing cloud ecosystem in Africa. By leveraging Microsoft’s tools and solutions, Terragon aims to expedite their objective of delivering value to businesses by optimizing marketing cost efficiencies, enhancing their insights through intelligent analysis, and providing customers with more personalized and meaningful engagements on mobile platforms.

Gerald Maithya, General Manager, Africa Transformation Office at Microsoft, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration in Microsoft’s commitment to fostering sustainable digital growth in Africa. Maithya acknowledges the value of partnering with companies like Terragon, who prioritize cloud-based solutions in their own operations and for their customers. This collaboration will facilitate the acceleration of digital transformation across the continent.

Maithya further explains that through their collaboration with Terragon, businesses of all sizes will have access to the latest cloud technologies, enabling them to achieve their business objectives and contribute to Africa’s economic growth and development. This partnership aligns with Microsoft’s aspiration to be the preferred and trusted partner for cloud innovation in Africa.

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