US envoy to Kenya affirms 2022 elections as the most credible


The U.S ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman, has made an affirmation regarding the credibility of the 2022 elections in Kenya.

Speaking at the Devolution Conference in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County, Ambassador Whitman stated that the August 2022 General Election was the most credible poll the country has ever held.

US envoy to Kenya affirms 2022 elections as the most credible
US envoy to Kenya affirms 2022 elections as the most credible.

Her remarks not only praised the election itself but also highlighted Kenya’s growing reputation as the most democratic nation in Africa.

Ambassador Whitman pointed out that both local and international observers unanimously acknowledged the credibility of the 2022 Kenya election results.

In addition, the Supreme Court bench upheld the outcome, confirming President William Ruto as the duly elected Head of State. These factors signify a significant milestone for Kenya’s democratic progress and pave the way for continued political stability and economic growth.US envoy to Kenya affirms 2022 elections as the most credible

Reflecting on her own experience arriving in Kenya just days before the election, Ambassador Whitman expressed her admiration for the remarkable display of democratic processes. She described the election as “the free-est, fairest, and most credible in Kenyan history.”

This statement not only acknowledges the efforts made to ensure a transparent and inclusive electoral process but also recognizes the active participation of the Kenyan people in shaping their own democratic destiny.

The Ambassador also emphasised the importance of the U.S-Kenya trade partnership. She highlighted the benefits that it has brought to the citizens of both countries and emphasised the need to strengthen this partnership further. As the Ambassador, her primary focus has been to enhance economic cooperation and explore new opportunities for mutually beneficial trade and investment.

US envoy to Kenya affirms 2022 elections as the most credible
US envoy to Kenya affirms 2022 elections as the most credible.

According to Ms. Whitman, who once held the position of CEO, Africa is a topic that she would now pay more attention to in the boardroom. In the past, her focus was primarily on businesses operating elsewhere, with only about 1% of her thoughts directed towards Africa.

However, if given the chance to return to a leadership role today, Ms. Whitman believes that Africa is worth considering for two important reasons: supply chain diversification and achieving net zero emissions.

The lessons learned from events such as the war in Ukraine and the impact of Covid have highlighted the importance of not relying on a single country for sourcing supply chains. It has become clear that smart business strategies involve finding new countries to diversify supply chains and mitigate risks. Consequently, businesses are actively seeking opportunities in different regions to ensure this level of diversification is achieved.

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