Zimbabwe: EU observers summoned for election ‘interference’


Zimbabwe has summoned European Union diplomats for a meeting in the capital, Harare, where it accused the bloc’s election observers of bias in their preliminary report on the just concluded general elections.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa won a second term with 52.6% of the votes, but the opposition has rejected the results alleging rigging and voter suppression.

Zimbabwe: EU observers summoned for election 'interference'
Zimbabwe: EU observers summoned for election ‘interference’.

The EU Election Observer Mission has come under fire from the Zimbabwean government, who accuse them of “gross interference” in the internal affairs of the country and of misleading the world about the Zimbabwe elections. In response, the EU EOM released a report stating that the election “fell short of many regional and international standards.”

Zimbabwe’s foreign minister, Amon Murwira, has criticised the EU EOM’s report, stating that it is “full of misrepresentations and allegations’ ‘ and that it is based on hearsay and one-sided information from the opposition. He also argued that observer missions have no legal jurisdiction to comment on the country’s constitution and laws, and make judgmental pronouncements on its elections.

The EU EOM is expected to release a final report on the elections, providing further details on its findings and assessments. This report will likely shed more light on the allegations of voter suppression and rigging made by the opposition.

Zimbabwe: EU observers summoned for election 'interference'
Zimbabwe: EU observers summoned for election ‘interference’.

It is important to note that these allegations come at a crucial time for Zimbabwe, as the country seeks to rebuild and restore its international reputation after the ousting of its long-time leader Robert Mugabe in 2017. The elections were seen as a test of Zimbabwe’s commitment to democracy and transparency, and any claims of interference or irregularities must be thoroughly investigated to uphold the integrity of the electoral process.

The EU has been a longstanding partner of Zimbabwe, providing both humanitarian aid and diplomatic support. However, these latest developments have strained relations between the two entities. The Zimbabwean government’s summoning of EU diplomats indicates a growing rift between the two sides and raises concerns about the future of their relationship.

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