Congo dismisses coup attempt against President Denis Nguesso


The Congolese government has dismissed reports of a coup attempt against President Denis Sassou Nguesso. Thierry Moungalla, the country’s Minister of Information, took to social media to address the rumors and assure the public that they were false.

He described the reports as “fake news” and urged the people to carry on with their activities without fear.

Congo dismisses coup attempt against President Denis Nguesso
Denis Sassou Nguesso won a fourth five-year term as president of the Republic of Congo after beating six other candidates.

The rumors began circulating while President Nguesso was attending the 78th United Nations General Assembly in New York. Social media accounts and news reports suggested that a coup attempt was underway in the country, with some speculating that the commander of the presidential guard was involved.

However, the government swiftly denied these claims and reassured the public of the calm that prevailed in the country.

President Nguesso, a former military officer, has been in power since 1997. His rise to the presidency came after he participated in a military coup that ousted former President Alphonse Massemaba-Debat in 1968.

Congo dismisses coup attempt against President Denis Nguesso
Republic of Congo’s President Denis Sassou Nguesso in Addis Ababa on 17 February 2023. © Amanuel Sileshi / AFP

Despite being in power for over two decades, concerns have been raised about the state of democracy in Africa, particularly with the increase in military coups across the continent.

The situation in the Congo is being closely monitored, as it comes at a time when the region is already grappling with political and security challenges.

The military’s attempt to take control of key facilities in the capital has raised concerns about the stability of the country. The presence of Russian forces in the neighboring Central African Republic adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

Congo dismisses coup attempt against President Denis Nguesso
Congo dismisses coup attempt against President Denis Nguesso

While the reports of a coup attempt have been dismissed, it is important to note that political instability and power struggles continue to pose a threat to democracy in Africa.

Coups d’état undermine the principles of democratic governance and can have serious consequences for the people and the region as a whole.

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