Libya urges cooperation for Niger’s stability


Libya has emphasized the need for collaboration and cooperation among neighboring countries and the African bloc to ensure stability in Niger.

President of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamad al-Menfi, met with Babagana Kingibe, Nigeria’s Special Envoy and President of the Economic Community of West African States, to discuss the importance of maintaining stability in Niger through regional partnerships.

During the meeting, Kingibe delivered a letter from Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, which was well-received by Menfi. The Libyan President expressed satisfaction with the ongoing consultations between Libya and Nigeria, highlighting their shared goal of preserving stability in Niger.

Of particular concern to Menfi was the military takeover of the elected government in Niger. He emphasized that such actions are unacceptable and called for cooperation between Libya, Algeria, Chad, and ECOWAS to safeguard stability not only in Niger but also in the wider region.

The Libyan government issued a statement on August 2 expressing its concern regarding the developments in Niger. They explicitly warned against any external intervention or attempts to plunge the country into chaos, as such actions would only lead to further escalation of the crisis and create security vulnerabilities in Niger and neighboring countries.

The military intervention occurred when a group of soldiers, calling themselves the National Council for the Safeguarding of the Country, detained President Mohamed Bazoum and announced their takeover on Nigerien state television on July 26. They justified their actions by citing the deteriorating security situation and ineffective governance in the country.

President Mohamed Bazoum, who was elected in 2021, marked Niger’s first democratic power transition since gaining independence from French colonial rule in 1960. This transition was seen as a significant step towards building a stable and democratic nation. Therefore, the military takeover was disheartening and raised concerns about the future of democratic governance in the country.

Libya urges cooperation for Niger's stability
Smoke rises after coup supporters set fire to the headquarters of President Mohamed Bazoum’s party, the Party for Democracy and Socialism in Niger (PNDS-TARAYA) in Niamey, Niger on July 27, 2023. [Balima Boureima – Anadolu Agency]
The situation in Niger not only poses a threat to the country itself but also has implications for the broader region. Instability in Niger can have far-reaching consequences, including the potential for the spread of terrorism, increased migration, and the disruption of regional economic cooperation.

Hence, the call for cooperation and collaboration between Libya, Algeria, Chad, and ECOWAS is crucial to address the challenges in Niger. By working together, these nations can support Niger in restoring stability, strengthening democratic processes, and promoting good governance.

Libya, as a neighboring country, understands the importance of regional solidarity in maintaining stability. The efforts and assistance provided by Libya, Algeria, Chad, and ECOWAS can contribute significantly to peacebuilding and security in Niger. Additionally, these collaborations can foster deeper regional integration, leading to enhanced economic cooperation and development.

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