President Ruto’s Administration: Misusing Taxpayers’ Money

President Ruto's Administration Misusing Taxpayers' Money President Ruto's Administration Misusing Taxpayers' Money
Kenyan President William Ruto has accused staff at the tax collection agency of working for tax evaders rather than the country [Monicah Mwangi/Reuters]

It is clear that President William Ruto’s administration is misusing taxpayers’ money. The government has been unable to provide basic services, there has been widespread corruption, and large sums of money have been spent on luxury items. However, it is also clear that the Kenyan people are still supportive of the President and his administration.

Since the change in leadership and the promise of a “Kwanza” administration in Kenya, under the newly elected President Ruto, citizens have been on the edge of their seats to witness the new policies and reforms that have come with this newfound political order. While this newfound administration has pledged to enact “real” change, the jury is still out on how they will utilise their resources as they perceive to be under an “empty coffer” according to the Treasury.

One of the biggest changes we have seen in Kenya so far under the Kwanza administration is the increase in money spent on the activities associated with the Thanksgiving church rallies held at the Statehouse.

The weekly expenditure has been ramped up to 20 million and is used to talk about President William Ruto’s political rival, Raila Odinga. Insiders claim that this might just be in the beginning stages of a “political football game” being played between the two political leaders.

Furthermore, we have also seen the administration allocate 2 billion to purchase new cars for Kenya’s Deputy President, Rigathi Gachagua, Prime Cabinet Secretary, Musalia Mudavadi, as well as Mudavadi’s wife. On top of that, we have also seen the Statehouse budget increase from 5 billion to 13 billion. Perhaps this increased expenditure can be seen in the frequency of weekly foreign trips taken by the delegation, which allegedly costs 100s of millions in airfare alone.

It is clear to see that there is much change afoot in Kenya, but with the Statehouse already having empty coffers, one has to question the source of funding for these lavish expenditures.

We as a nation should question how rational it is to continue with these expenditures when there are serious economic concerns such as unemployment and poverty still running rampant throughout the country.

“We must also ask ourselves if these expenditures are really what the people of Kenya need and if we wouldn’t be better served finding solutions to these more immediate issues first”.

In conclusion, President Ruto’s administration is misusing taxpayers’ money. The government should be transparent about how it is spending money and should accountability to the people. The Kenyan people deserve to know how their money is being used, and the government should be held accountable for its spending.

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