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South Africa reports second mpox death this week

A second person has died in South Africa this week from the viral infection mpox, says the health ministry, less than 24 hours after...

How Djibouti is combating Malaria with GMO mosquitoes

The initiative aims to address the dramatic increase in malaria cases in Djibouti, which have risen from just 27 in 2012 to over 70,000 in recent years.

Angola aims to vaccinate 5 million children against polio

Angola is stepping up its efforts to protect its children from the crippling effects of polio. The country is aiming to vaccinate at least...

Kenya unveils 2019-2022 national health accounts report

Kenya has unveiled the 2019-2022 national health accounts report, a significant milestone in the country's healthcare sector. The report was officially launched by the Principal...

How UNFPA helps women in Guinea heal from obstetric fistula

Obstetric fistula is a condition that affects thousands of women in developing countries, including Guinea. It is often caused by prolonged and obstructed labor,...

Ethiopia commits to combat malaria

Ethiopia, a country plagued by the devastating effects of Malaria, has renewed its commitment to combat this deadly disease on World Malaria Day. The Ministry...

Angola launches nationwide polio vaccination campaign

The goal of the campaign is to maintain Angola’s polio-free status and protect the health of children in the country.

South Africa: Ramaphosa to enact health policy before elections

President Cyril Ramaphosa says healthcare ‘apartheid’ must end, but opposition parties and the private medical industry are likely to go straight to court over the NHI Bill.

Deadly measles outbreak kills 42 in northeast Nigeria

The deadly measles outbreak in northeast Nigeria has claimed the killed 42 people in just over a week, sparking concerns among health officials. The outbreak...

Congo Brazzaville declares mpox epidemic after 19 cases

The Republic of the Congo has recently declared an epidemic of mpox, following the confirmation of 19 cases across five different departments, including the...