ECOWAS condemns deadly attacks in Niger near Burkina Faso border


In a display of solidarity and concern for the escalating security situation in Niger, the Economic Community of West African States has vehemently condemned the recent wave of deadly attacks in Niger, carried out by suspected terrorists near the country’s border with Burkina Faso.

These attacks, which resulted in the tragic deaths of over a dozen soldiers, have sparked concern and outrage both within Niger and across the international community.

ECOWAS condemns deadly attacks in Niger near Burkina Faso border
ECOWAS condemns deadly attacks in Niger near Burkina Faso border.

The first attack took place on Sunday when a group of suspected terrorists ambushed a patrol vehicle belonging to Niger’s national guard, killing six soldiers. Just a few days later, on Tuesday, gunmen attacked an army detachment near the town of Koutougou in the Tillaberi region, further escalating the already precarious security situation in the area.

In response to these acts of violence, ECOWAS released a statement expressing their deepest condolences to the people of Niger and the families of the deceased soldiers. Additionally, the regional organization called for the military administration to restore constitutional order in Niger, emphasizing the urgent need for stability in a country that has become increasingly fragile.

The military intervention on July 26, which led to the ousting of President Mohamed Bazoum, has only exacerbated the security challenges faced by the nation.

ECOWAS condemns deadly attacks in Niger near Burkina Faso border
ECOWAS condemns deadly attacks in Niger near Burkina Faso border

Furthermore, it has been reported that President Mohamed Bazoum, along with his son and wife, have been held hostage at his palace in Niamey since his removal from office. This alarming development has further heightened tensions in the country and underscores the urgent need for a swift resolution to the political crisis.

ECOWAS has announced that it is taking concrete steps to address the situation in Niger. The organization stated that it has activated its standby force, as per the decision made by the bloc’s leaders last week. The deployment of this force aims to restore constitutional order in Niger and ensure the security and stability of the country.

As part of these efforts, the bloc’s chiefs of defense staff are scheduled to convene in Accra, Ghana on Thursday and Friday to finalize their plans for the deployment of the standby force. This meeting signifies a crucial step towards restoring peace and stability in Niger, as ECOWAS collaborates with its member states to address the grave security concerns in the region.

It is worth noting that the declaration by Gen. Abdourahamane Tiani, the former commander of Niger’s presidential guard, declaring himself the head of a transitional government, adds another layer of complexity to the situation. This internal power struggle further intensifies the challenges faced by ECOWAS in its mission to restore constitutional order.

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