Egyptians released in Zambia over fake gold private plane saga


In a surprising turn of events, a Zambian court has released five Egyptians and one Zambian after the prosecution dropped espionage charges against them.

The six individuals had made headlines when they arrived in Zambia on a private plane, carrying guns, bullets, cash, and what appeared to be fake gold. However, two of the Egyptians were rearrested on unspecified lesser charges and later released on bond.

Egyptians released in Zambia over fake gold private plane saga
Egyptians released in Zambia over fake gold private plane saga.

While the six individuals have been freed, five Zambian nationals still remain in custody and will face trial at the high court. They have been charged with entering a prohibited area of the airport. This case has garnered significant attention, not only in Zambia but also in Egypt.

It all began when authorities from Zambia’s Drug Enforcement Agency conducted a search on the private plane on August 13. During the search, they discovered approximately $5.7 million in cash, five pistols, 126 rounds of ammunition, and 602 suspected gold bars weighing 127 kilograms (280 pounds).

Subsequent laboratory analysis revealed that the metal bars contained no gold, but rather were primarily composed of copper and zinc. This finding has led to speculation in the media that some of the suspects might have been attempting to deceive gold buyers in a fraudulent bullion scam.

In a surprising turn of events, the Director of Public Prosecutions decided to drop the charges against the individuals. The prosecutor, Gracilia Mulenga, informed the court that a nolle prosequi had been entered, indicating that the prosecution would not pursue charges. However, no reasons were provided for this decision.

The release of the Egyptians has sparked discussion and raised questions regarding the circumstances surrounding their arrest and subsequent liberation. Many are left wondering what led to the sudden dropping of the charges and why some of the Egyptians were rearrested on unspecified lesser charges. These unanswered questions have fueled public curiosity in both Egypt and Zambia.

Egyptians released in Zambia over fake gold private plane saga
Egyptians released in Zambia over fake gold private plane saga.

The case exemplifies the complexities of international criminal investigations and highlights the challenges faced by authorities in determining the truth. The presence of firearms, ammunition, and what initially appeared to be a significant amount of gold raised suspicions of espionage and illegal activities. However, the subsequent analysis revealed a different narrative, potentially involving fraud and deception.

As the trial for the remaining Zambian nationals unfolds, more information is expected to come to light. The outcome of this case will undoubtedly have implications for both countries involved and may shed light on the extent of connivance, if any, between the Egyptians and Zambian individuals.

It is not appropriate to disclose any information at this time. From the beginning, we were confident in our innocence,” stated Micheal Adel Micheal Batros, one of the released Egyptians, during a press conference following the court hearing before their departure on a bus.

Although the initial charges did not make reference to the aircraft or confiscated goods, defence attorneys had previously claimed that those arrested were passengers on the plane.

According to two sources from Egyptian security, authorities had inspected the plane seized in Zambia before its departure from Cairo. However, an investigation is currently underway regarding how one of the apprehended Egyptians managed to board with unchecked bags.

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