How Kenyan hairdresser Jane Mwende was killed


In a shocking and disturbing turn of events, Kenyan hairdresser Jane Mwende was brutally murdered and her body disposed of in a pit latrine.

The crime, which occurred on September 15, 2023, has sent shockwaves throughout the community and left many questioning the safety of their own neighbourhoods.

How Kenyan hairdresser Jane Mwende was killed
How Kenyan hairdresser Jane Mwende was killed.

Jane Mwende, a beloved member of the Mlolongo community, was reported missing two weeks prior to the discovery of her lifeless body. Her friends and family grew increasingly concerned as the days passed without any sign of her whereabouts. Little did they know that a sinister plot was unfolding behind the scenes.

It was later revealed that Jane’s killers took advantage of a power outage that had occurred in the country the previous month to carry out their gruesome act. The darkness provided the perfect cover for their nefarious deeds, allowing them to dispose of the body without raising suspicion.

The truth behind Jane’s tragic fate was revealed through a post-mortem examination conducted by renowned pathologist Dr. Michieka Michieka. The examination yielded harrowing results – Jane Mwende had been strangled to death. The lack of oxygen caused by the strangulation had cut off her airways, leading to her untimely demise. Dr. Michieka delivered this devastating news to a gathering of Mwende’s grief-stricken relatives, who were left reeling from the revelation.

This crucial information implies that Jane Mwende was murdered before her body was callously thrown into the pit latrine, where it was later recovered. The discovery of her remains has sent shockwaves throughout the community, with many questioning the motives behind such a heinous act. As the investigation progresses, authorities are working tirelessly to uncover the truth and bring justice to Jane Mwende and her grieving family.

In a significant development, a Mavoko court granted the police permission to detain Evelyn Wanza and Faith Nthemba for a period of ten days. These individuals are the main suspects in the murder case, and their detainment provides hope that justice will ultimately prevail. According to reliable sources, the killers reached out to several taxi drivers in their desperate attempts to dispose of the body, indicating a methodical and premeditated plan.

Mwende’s demise ensued her enigmatic disappearance, and authorities are currently in pursuit of a third suspect, Phylis Mbithi, who has since gone into hiding. Machakos County Police Commander, Patrick Lobolia, disclosed this information to the Nation yesterday.

Detectives are delving into a love triangle involving Januaris Musau, a prominent land agent based in Mlolongo.

Mwende’s kin have expressed their contentment with the results of the post-mortem examination, stating that the revelation has paved the way for them to proceed with the funeral arrangements. It has come to our attention that meetings to organise Mwende’s burial have commenced in Kavingo village, situated on the border of Kitui and Machakos counties.

The tragedy of Jane Mwende’s death has undoubtedly left a void in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. Her gruesome fate serves as a chilling reminder of the injustice that can exist in our society.

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