Over 60 arrested at Gay in Wedding Southern Nigeria


In a shocking turn of events, over 60 individuals were arrested by authorities in southern Nigeria for attending a gay wedding in the southern Delta state’s Ekpan town.

This incident marks one of the largest crackdowns on homosexuality in the country, as Nigerian authorities continue to demonstrate their staunch opposition to same-sex relationships.

Over 60 arrested at Gay in Wedding Southern Nigeria
A Nigerian policeman holds a tear-gas launcher in Lagos, Nigeria [Sunday Alamba/AP Photo]
The arrests took place in Ekpan, a town located in the southern Delta state, during the early hours of Monday morning. State police spokesman, Bright Edafe, confirmed that the arrests were made at an event where two individuals were solemnizing their union. Edafe reiterated the government’s stance on homosexuality, stating that it would never be tolerated in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s anti-gay legislation, which was enacted in 2014 under former President Goodluck Jonathan, imposes severe penalties for engaging in same-sex relationships. Offenders can face up to 14 years of imprisonment for participating in gay marriages or even for being involved in same-sex amorous relationships. The law has faced international criticism and condemnation, given its discriminatory nature.

However, it is important to note that the law is also supported by a significant portion of the Nigerian population, as the country remains largely conservative. In fact, more than 30 countries in Africa have already criminalized same-sex relationships, and arrests of gay individuals are quite common in Nigeria.

The arrests in Ekpan took place after the police, acting on intelligence, raided a hotel where the gay wedding was taking place. Initially, around 200 individuals were apprehended, but after conducting initial investigations, 67 were ultimately detained. Edafe disclosed these details while speaking to reporters at a police station, where the suspects were being paraded.

Over 60 arrested at Gay in Wedding Southern Nigeria
Over 60 arrested at Gay in Wedding Southern Nigeria.

One particularly striking aspect of this case is that there exists video evidence of the wedding ceremony. Edafe expressed his amazement at this fact, emphasizing that Nigeria should not strive to emulate the Western world due to cultural differences. He reiterated that the country’s values and traditions dictate that homosexuality has no place within Nigerian society.

The speaker strongly emphasized that Nigerian police officers will not passively stand by while gay individuals openly display their sexual orientation within the country. They firmly stated that such behavior will absolutely not be tolerated in Nigeria. Additionally, they announced that once the investigation concludes, the suspects involved will face charges in the court of law.

This declaration further underscores the determination of Nigerian authorities to address and take action against any perceived deviation from traditional sexual norms within their society.

The culmination of this incident highlights the ongoing struggle and discrimination faced by the LGBTQ+ community in Nigeria. Despite international pressure to decriminalize same-sex relationships, the government and a significant portion of the population remain steadfast in their opposition. This raises concerns about the violation of human rights and the lack of acceptance and tolerance within Nigerian society.

While Nigeria continues to grapple with these complex issues, it is essential to recognize the importance of promoting inclusivity, acceptance, and the protection of human rights for all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation. Only through education, understanding, and open dialogue can progress be made towards a more inclusive society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Abubakar Momoh
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