US condemns conflict-related sexual violence in Sudan


The United States has expressed its strong condemnation of the pervasive conflict-related sexual violence occurring in Sudan, Reuters reports.

The State Department has made it clear that credible sources, including victims themselves, have attributed these heinous acts to the Paramilitary Rapid Support Forces and their allied militias.

The reports of rape, gang rape, and other forms of gender-based violence against women and girls in West Darfur and other areas are deeply disturbing.

These acts of brutality not only cause immeasurable harm to the victims but also contribute to an emerging pattern of targeted ethnic violence within the country.

The United States finds these acts repugnant and stands firmly against any form of violence, especially when it is used as a means to perpetuate suffering and discrimination.

Of particular concern is the situation in and around Nyala, South Darfur, where tens of thousands of civilians are trapped amidst the escalating conflict between the RSF and Sudanese Armed Forces.

The United States urgently calls on both parties to immediately halt the fighting and allow safe passage for all civilians out of the city. It is imperative that the safety and well-being of innocent civilians who are caught in the crossfire be prioritized and protected.

Conflict-related sexual violence has devastating consequences on both individuals and communities. It perpetuates a climate of fear and instability, hindering efforts for peace, reconciliation, and development in Sudan.

The United States recognizes that addressing this issue requires a multi-faceted approach, with cooperation between the Sudanese government, international organizations, and civil society being essential.

The United States, in its commitment to ending conflict-related sexual violence and promoting gender equality, continues to work closely with international partners to provide vital support to survivors, as well as to strengthen the capacity of local institutions to prevent and respond to such atrocities.

Through diplomatic engagement, funding assistance, and technical expertise, the United States aims to empower those affected by sexual violence, advocate for justice, and foster an environment that upholds the rights and dignity of all individuals, regardless of gender.

Hakim Abdul
Hakim Abdul is a highly accomplished journalist who specializes in reporting on North African affairs with a deep understanding and passion for the region, Abdul has established himself as the go-to correspondent for all matters related to politics, governance, and current affairs in North Africa. Renowned for his insightful analysis and comprehensive coverage, Abdul diligently investigates and reports on the complex and ever-evolving political landscape of the region.


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