Tanzania vows to fight all forms of cybercrime

Tanzania vows to fight all forms of cybercrime Tanzania vows to fight all forms of cybercrime

Tanzania, a country in East Africa, has taken a firm stance against cybercrime and has vowed its commitment to fighting all forms of it.

This pledge was made by Mr Selestine Kakele, the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology, at the 17th International Forum of the National Association of International Information Security taking place in Moscow, Russia.

Tanzania vows to fight all forms of cybercrime
Tanzania vows to fight all forms of cybercrime.

In his statement, Mr Kakele acknowledged the efforts made by various nations and international partners in preventing the misuse of Information and Communication Technology for criminal activities. Tanzania has taken significant steps to strengthen its institutional and legal frameworks to prevent and combat cybercrime.

One of the measures implemented by the Tanzanian government is the development of a National Cybersecurity Strategy. This strategy sets out the country’s approach to cyber threats and outlines the actions required to ensure a safe and secure online environment. Additionally, Tanzania has enacted robust cybersecurity laws, which provide a legal framework for prosecuting cybercriminals.

Mr Kakele emphasised the importance of collaboration between government institutions, the private sector, and international partners in addressing cyber threats. Tanzania encourages the exchange of information and expertise in this field to enhance its capacity to combat cybercrime effectively. The government recognizes that information and communication technology plays a crucial role in the social, economic, and political development of the country.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary called for increased collaboration between countries and international organisations to formulate and implement strategies for countering cyber threats. By working together, nations can pool their resources and knowledge to develop effective measures to prevent and combat cybercrime. This collaboration also extends to building legal and technical capacity in handling cyber threats.

The 17th International Forum of the National Association of International Information Security aims to bring together member state authorities, civil societies, and the business community to find solutions to combat cyber threats. The forum provides a platform for discussions and knowledge-sharing to create a world free from cyber threats.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary has put forward two proposals aimed at facilitating effective collaboration in order to track and combat cyber threats worldwide.

“We, in Tanzania, propose that each state develop robust cyber laws, legislative frameworks, and institutional structures to prevent criminals from finding safe havens to carry out their unlawful activities. These activities include inciting discontent, promoting unlawful purposes, spreading hate speech, disseminating false information, and distributing racist or xenophobic materials under the guise of freedom of speech and expression.”

“We also urge states to establish necessary measures and mechanisms to enhance collaboration and facilitate the transfer of knowledge, technology, resources, and expertise from developed countries to developing countries. This is a shared responsibility, Mr. Chair,” he emphasised.

Highlighting the significance of collaboration, Kakele strongly stated, “We are all sailing in the same boat, Mr. Chair. Unless we work together, we are all at risk of sinking.”

Tanzania also expressed gratitude to Russia for hosting this important forum.

“We take pride in being a part of this international community that promotes cooperation in combating cybercrime,” concluded Mr. Kakele.

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